Free mint CyberBonk NFT by bonking SBF?

A Historical Representation NFT to Raise Awareness

李婷婷 Lee Ting Ting
4 min readDec 5, 2022

It is clear that the FTX bankruptcy incident has sparked a renewed interest in the risks associated with digital assets. The centralization of power, the adequacy of reserves, liquidity, and government oversight are all important topics that need to be carefully considered.

Unfortunately, these issues are often not given the attention they deserve, and it can be difficult for the average user to engage with them in a meaningful way. This lack of attention can lead to a lack of understanding and a lack of proper risk management.

One way to avoid repeating past mistakes is to find ways to keep these issues at the forefront of public discussion. This could involve finding new and interesting ways to present the information, or engaging with the community in a more proactive way.

Free Mint CyberBonk NFT by Bonking SBF?

To reach this goal, we have partnered with smart contract engineer Lee Ting Ting and front-end engineer Siling / Zhou Yidao Dhal to create the “CyberBonk” NFT project.

Visit the official website at

By participating in the interactive game, users can earn a free NFT. The website art combines the popular “Bonk Shiba Inu” meme with the FTX bankruptcy incident, providing a humorous and engaging way to learn about these important issues.

The center of the scene shows a closed storefront with an iron gate pulled down, surrounded by scattered props. Small floating question marks hover above the scene, and various slogans related to the FTX bankruptcy incident appear when the cursor is moved over them.

These slogans represent the key topics that have been discussed in relation to the incident, such as centralization, reserves, liquidity, and government oversight. The use of floating question marks and interactive slogans helps capture the viewer's attention and encourages them to engage with the content.

A Playful and Educational Minting Process

The minting experience process is designed to be an entertaining and educational way to introduce users to the key issues surrounding the FTX bankruptcy incident. Through the use of interactive elements and engaging content, we aim to draw people to the website and inspire them to learn more about these important topics. In addition to providing a fun and cathartic game, we hope that the project will also have educational value in conveying ideas and stimulating discussion. The six concepts covered in the project are:

  • Private key management: We should have control over the private keys that grant us access to our assets.
  • Diversifying risks: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Transparency: Data should be stored on a transparent and open blockchain network.
  • Asset management: Custodial institutions should not use users’ assets for other risky investments.
  • Independent third-party audit and oversight.
  • Decentralization: Asset management authority should be more decentralized.

“Turn useless JPGs into Historical Representation NFTs.”

While a free NFT may not provide any direct financial compensation for those affected by the FTX bankruptcy, we believe that creating a “Historical Representation NFT” can help preserve the memory of the incident and serve as a warning for the future.

Community Caring Campaign「#CareForFTX」

In addition to this NFT project, we have initiated a community caring campaign to support and assist those affected by the FTX bankruptcy. Businesses and merchants who wish to help the victims of the incident can offer special deals and post relevant information on social media using the hashtag #CareForFTX. This allows users in need to find the help easily and offers they need.

Our Team

  • Lee Ting Ting: Founder of The Z Institute | Senior blockchain dev | Security audit | Web3 talents training
  • Siling: Freelancer | Frontend Engineer, experienced in supply chain planner | Google ads support | startup co-founder | Junior Blockchain Frontend Developer, love web3 community, embrace changes in web2 web3 web4ever
  • Dhal: Freelancer | Junior full stack dev | Junior blockchain dev | Workout
  • pupupupuisland: Art & UI

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李婷婷 Lee Ting Ting

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